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worrying tiobench results

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  • worrying tiobench results

    first, why doesn't this forum have a dedicated section for PTS results or anything on PTS other dan dev?

    second, I have very disappointing scores with tiobench. Tests with low amount of threads are on par with other benches, increasing the amount really depicts some horror numbers sometimes a factor of 10 higher than comparable hardware.
    This is in line with my experiences with this pc when it's got a fair amount of background IO, it's really crawling when opening even the simplest apps in these circumstances, yet is doing well when opening programs when there is no background IO.

    Can this be accounted to LVM? Which is the only thing I can't test on with PTS global. Because it's not noted with any benches if LVM is being used(, or RAID; when is the PTS global overhaul being planned?)

    My questions/problem is, where to go from here to debug this problem.

    low amount threads

    high threads
    someone with comparable or slower hardware yet is 8 times more responsive in this benchmark