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    Originally posted by Panix View Post
    Maybe something here will give you some ideas?:

    Are you using HP 564XL ink cartridges?

    Seriously, I would just look for a new printer. HP is crap. Like I posted previously, the 'Linux support' looks as though it's dwindling as many printers are listed as 'end of support.' (HPLIP versions are NOT updated).
    Yeah, I know the links. This happens after printer was turned off without head parked, head is dried up; ventilation case is classic - the guy just did not open the cartidge properly; or when people try to use alcohol. I did I was mad, now I know what was wrong and why and how to prevent it.

    I personally had zero fuss with hp, hplip and hp software installation on linux. Again it is personal. Installed it in linux mint, gentoo and debian - was just as plug-and-play. Yes, its highly my case, but I don?t lie and don?t try to force you, just sharing experience...

    I had starter catridges, and printer(two printers, one for myself, other for my girls parents) was bought for four reasons:
    - cheap and all-in-one; it happened
    - linux support, no joke, previously I returned two opened kodaks 5250 to the shop, because their sales manager lied about linux support; it happened
    - cheap ink; it didn?t happen, I found about alternative ink, read about real ink costs and reasons behind, read comparsions, found best korean alternative ink in terms of price, quality as substitution, uv-protection (inktec) and using it now - so actually it happened
    - possibility to print photo; it happened, even if I "burned" my fingers by discovering photo paper must have protective(resin) layer to be water-resistant.

    Later, I purchased alternative catridges (dunno ink type), and after I printed it away, I purchased inktec, made holes and refill it myself.

    Without cheap ink, my printer would be lying in waste-bin already - no questions, I would like HP to hear that.
    I mean cmmon, 50$(official 564XL), around 10ml; vs 18$ refill inktec ink - 5x200ml all-color mix (wooo!) or 20$ for 1 Liter bottle. Crazy, no?

    Good device (with inkjet-specific weaknesses, and part that it literally loves to "bath" in ink which makes using official ink to be privilege of millionares), good linux support(its really me, maybe), but really wrong price policy on ink(as in *really wrong*). I mean, it is really wrong, really. And don?t fight buyers, if not inktec I would dump the printer and print at my local printing store (or get back to dot-matrix for bw paper, or bw lasers now). So thats my story. And never clean with alcohol
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      Originally posted by Panix View Post
      Thanks for the info.

      Yes, my experience with HP printers is horrible but I acknowledge they had good ones back in the day when they were heavy and huge!
      Panix, now as I have some time, I will reread this your thread on your HP case (except the issue with paper jams which I know); if you haven?t written about your trouble with software please do it more detailed when you have time(if you find time). Would really like to read to know ahead of which may come out.

      By the way, against paper jam, I think there was a solution on network somewhere, that the rubber grabbing wheels need to be worked around (using some "sharpening" fluid, alcohol :& ?). Don?t remember exactly, but the point is that it should get "grip" restored and jams would stop. One HP deskjet for apple computers had it especially hard (read about it on amazon long ago). Or maybe it was engineering mistake, I feel sorry for guys who purchased it. :/


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        Originally posted by crazycheese View Post
        I wonder why does my HP B209a-m has head that is dried up? :P
        Also HPtool for Linux seems to disagree with your statement, because it has both cleaning and aligning functions
        Perhaps it depends on your printer model. I didn't know they had printers with heads as well. The Photosmart 4780 I mentioned does not have heads that dry up and my very first printer the DeskJet 610 also didn't have heads. That printer also hadn't dried up and it was used for perhaps even 10 years.
        But having everything built-in into the cartridge, also raises the cost of cartridges a lot.


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          If you're primarily going to be printing to paper, look at laser-esque options. The build quality of ink-jets has declined over the past decade, and have resulted in current models being near-disposable.

          If you're looking for an all-in-one, check out the Epson Artisan series. They print directly to inkjet-ready burnable CD/DVD media and produce good results. Yes, the blank media is a little more expensive, but you can toss the "CD Stomper" and adhesive stock into the yard-sale bin to make up the difference. You'll also never need to replace a CD/DVD ROM due to an unbalanced disk exploding.

          Personally, I'd love it if inkjet manufacturers made a high quality clone of their flagship models. Metal chassis, a sheet feeder that works reliably, and replaceable/serviceable heads. They could call it the "L" series, charge more, and extend the warranty so that those of us with 4-5 year tech-procurement cycles could justify it (much like a Mac/Ipad/Iphone) in our budgets.