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TRITTON AXPRO with Turtle Beach Montego DDL or Logitech G35?

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  • TRITTON AXPRO with Turtle Beach Montego DDL or Logitech G35?

    Hi. I am a huge Windows 7 gamer and I had a question regarding audio hardware. Should I buy the Logitech G35 surround sound Dolby Headphones or the True 5.1 TRITTON AXPRO? The AXPRO uses a fiber optic cable to connect to your sound card and it also has a 3-cable adapter so you can use your headset in analog. The Tritton AXPRO also comes with a converter box which decodes AC-3 Dolby Digital. The AXPRO uses 8 speakers (4 in each ear.)

    The Logitech G35 uses 2 speakers but uses dolby headphone technology to upmix stereo sources to surround sound, whereas the AXPRO does not exactly upmix (or matrix) stereo sources. It is a purely USB powered headset that bypasses the sound card in the computer, where as the AXPRO uses the sound card for audio processing making it more lightweight on the CPU. People say the G35 only has a 1 frames per second impact.

    The Turtle Beach Montego DDL PCI sound card uses Dolby Digital Live to also upmix stereo sources along with true sourrund sound. Dolby Live is required for use with Fiber optic sources.

    Should I buy the Logitech G35 or Tritton AXPRO?

    Helpful links:


    (Tritton AXPRO)

    (Montego DDL)

    Thank you guys so much!
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    Got the Logitech G35. Amazing headset!


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      A long time ago, I posted on Logitech's blog asking if the G35 would be supported in Linux - the short answer was no. It is a USB only headset and relies on software for all the upmixing and audio trickery. I don't know if anyone here has tried using it on Linux, but I can't imagine it would work beyond the very basic audio.

      If you are thinking about the Trittons, let me suggest the Astro Gaming A40 System. You get the A40 headset which is known as the best gaming headset of its kind, and the new 2010 MixAmp which handles the audio decoding and whatnot. Depending on how you connect it, it can run on USB alone, or through various analog and digital setups. You can even disconnect it totally from the MixAmp and use an included headset adapter to use the standard green/pink PC audio connectors!

      Read over the manual at If you want to invest in "the best" system, I don't think you'll be disappointed.


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        The only problem with linux that I can think of is that the G35 doesn't work in Linux with virtual 7.1 as it needs the windows driver for it.