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CyberPower 1030HT (The Mother of Surge Suppressors)

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  • CyberPower 1030HT (The Mother of Surge Suppressors)

    I picked up another surge protector for personal use, but I can't help but to let all of you know about this excellent product. This surge protector is the CyberPower 1030HT. Manufacturer Link.

    I picked it up as it looked quite nice, and certainly seemed adequate with a peak current of 260,000 Amps, and all of the other features. It also boasts 10 outlets, and another nice feature is that it monitors the incoming current and voltage. There are several LEDs on the front for displaying quite a bit of useful information. It also boasts protection for telephone, ethernet, and cable TV.

    However, what I didn't realize about the product until receiving it was its size! (see comparison pic below)

    It's HUGE... And then the contents.

    The connectors.

    Finally, the face.

    So far I haven't run into any major problems with the CyberPower 1030HT (though I still am in awe at its size). The only complaint thus far is that with the retail packaging the 8 foot cord is wrapped quite tightly, and well, it appears there are a few little marks/indents on an area or two on the cable. The power cable is very heavy gage, and these little indents didn't come anywhere to touching the wire itself, but electrical tape can always be used if desired. In fact, these little indents can barely be seen by the human eye. Presently the CyberPower 1030HT goes for approximately $80 USD.
    Michael Larabel

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    Awesome, but that thing is HUGE!