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    I need a NAS device that can do RAID 5, Gbit Ethernet, 1TB+. I want to be able to connect via FTP, NFS, SSH, and Samba would be nice to have. I don't care too much about the other software that most NAS devices I've read about include... if it can do the above things well then I'm happy. I have a bittorrent application and a media server that I'm happy with and don't see myself changing that software just because they include something else with the box I store my files on.

    With all that in mind, the best one I've found so far is the following:

    I like the fact that it uses 2.5" drives so it's a smaller device, and it has at least three drive slots (in this case four). Reading about the software makes me think I could get something with less software crap and so potentially less expensive, but this happens to be the cheapest diskless NAS device currently on newegg that has the needed functionality above.

    If anyone else has some experience with some good NAS devices that does what I need then I'd be interested in hearing about it. I'm not opposed to buying parts and having a basic Linux box be my NAS device as long as it is a good NAS enclosure that is around the same size as the box linked to (i.e. not as big as a desktop system).

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    I ended up buying the Synology Disk Station 409, which can handle either 3.5" or 2.5" drives. But instead of the 2.5" option I went with the 3.5" because they are just cheaper. It plays nice with Linux. There is a client install that gets you started with partitioning and performing the needed installation of software onto the hard drives you provide, but the Linux version of this client is only available from their website (not from the CD):