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Qualcomm Cloud AI 100 "AIC100" Firmware Upstreamed

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  • Qualcomm Cloud AI 100 "AIC100" Firmware Upstreamed

    Phoronix: Qualcomm Cloud AI 100 "AIC100" Firmware Upstreamed

    While not talked about as much as the likes of the Intel Gaudi accelerators with their upstream Habana Labs kernel driver or the AMD Instinct MI300 series with their open-source upstream support too, back in 2022 Qualcomm did post an open-source kernel driver for their Cloud AI accelerator. That was followed by an open-source compiler and user-space stack and in turn the QAIC driver was upstreamed into the accelerator (accel) subsystem last year with Linux 6.4...

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    My problem with all new AI Accelerators / NPUs is that none of the software supports it, unless they provide a CUDA / ROCm shim.