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Ultra Ethernet Consortium Started By LF, Intel, AMD, Meta, HPE & Others

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    Theoretically HPC already has Ifniband; yet like most things HPC, it is fast because it is a trivial, unstable crap with every possible corner cut off -- it is basically just DMA over cable, app says "I want this buffer piped to that computer's RAM at this address", and IB hardware just do this async, bypassing network stack of the kernel. As one can imagine, this is super rigid and anti-resilient... And recently also nVidia-owned.

    Though, IB was designed in times when CPU throughput was an inescapable bottleneck, I can imagine that one can now offload the standard Ethernet/IP stack to smarter NICs, abstract DMA with io-uring and get IB speeds and Ethernet's versatility in one thing, so maybe this is what they are after.


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      This is welcome news, but can we get an industry alliance to bring down the cost of 10Gb Ethernet for consumer use?


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        Originally posted by timofonic View Post

        Please don't be a moron and read before replying here. The world will be a better place

        That cognitive and behavior change requires a slow adoption, so here's the relevant text from the UEC website:

        802.3dj standard will be available in 2026 and up to 1.6 Tbit/s. Maybe this effort is to multiplicate that bandwidth and have it available by 2024 at same time, a quite ambitious plan.

        I really hope everyone adopt binary power of 2 units in computing based in bytes instead stupid bits. 1000 *bits per second is very stupid. I hope Ethernet does the switch in the future too. second in 1024 units in the future too.


        Why? Because it's a psychological lie and a f* mess!

        1.6 Terabits per second = 200 Gigabytes per second.
        But 200 Gigabytes per second are 186.23 Gibibytes per second!
        4 Terabytes are 3.63798 Tebibytes!

        Computing/telecom industry thinks we are idiots.

        Meanwhile, in 2021 Japan: Japan Breaks Internet Speed Record at 319 Terabits per Second

        39.875 Terabytes per second, not so bad. That's 36.2661 Tebibytes per second.

        186.23 Gibibytes per second are NOT so much for big HPC stuff, for example.

        I hope you'll learn to be more constructive in the future.

        Thanks in advance.​


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          Originally posted by willmore View Post
          This is welcome news, but can we get an industry alliance to bring down the cost of 10Gb Ethernet for consumer use?
          10Gbe is getting more "affordable" for loose definitions. A lot of mid/high end motherboards now come with 10Gb options. The catch is the CAT-6/CAT-6A or fiber you need for it. Very few (if any) houses will have that pre-wired, so the effort to get the cable pulled is going to be pretty brutal. Fiber based hardware (ex. older mellanox connectx-3 hardware) is really quite affordable on E-bay these days.

          A year or so ago a friend of mine built a full out 10Gb network in his house. He used mellanox equipment and pulled new fiber cable throughout. Fiber cable can be easier to pull than CAT (its smaller) but you do have to be more careful with it.

          At best this Ultra-Ethernet will likely compete with infiniband in data center applications.


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            Originally posted by Rallos Zek View Post


            That doesn't make any sense at all. They don't produce products in this space.


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              Originally posted by willmore View Post
              This is welcome news, but can we get an industry alliance to bring down the cost of 10Gb Ethernet for consumer use?
              That makes zero sense. That's not how things work.
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                Originally posted by F.Ultra View Post
                Cisco carrier grade routes are running IOS-XR which is Linux based since 2013 when they switched from using QNX. Their non-Linux IOS is only used on lower end hardware these days, all their big stuff ruins either IOS-XR or IOS-XE both being Linux based.
                Ya, Cisco is the only game in town. smh.


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                  Originally posted by zexelon View Post
                  There are 14 competing standards!! We need one to unify them all!! There are now 15 competing standards...
                  Except there isn't.


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                    Originally posted by stiiixy View Post
                    I remember, in 2007, being laughed at by all the experts for suggestion network companies like Cisco and Juiper run their cheaper offerings on linux to get it field tested and possibly bring their proces down somewhat (or make more profit!)

                    So Cisco changed in 2013. Glad to see I was right!

                    Anyone know if Ubiquiti run their gear on a linux stack?
                    Bring their prices down. LOL. I'm not surprised people were laughing at you and still would be.


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                      Originally posted by brad0 View Post

                      Except there isn't.
                      You didn't get the reference @NotMine999​ did... its okay.