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System76 Launches Nebula PC Cases For DIY Builds

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    There's a few metrics I look at for a case. One of them is that a lot of cheaper cases feel like they're made out of tissue paper. They got a little thicker at all but the lowest price points but I know costs went up and they're still trying to hit the price targets, which mean material strength is going to take a hit. With the notion of 3 and 4 slot monster cards … that's not really an option anymore for me.

    I'm sure these cases are chonky, but as I said I look at a few metrics and these do not have the cooling performance I expect.

    It's unfortunate that the board I want to use is ATX or the Node would probably be a major choice for a machine made to accommodate some spinning rust. I'm gonna have to spend a little more even than what System76 wants I think. Though I was 100% serious about System76 making a desktop motherboard that uses genuinely open source driver hardware.