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System76 Teases New "Nebula" Linux Desktop/Workstation

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  • System76 Teases New "Nebula" Linux Desktop/Workstation

    Phoronix: System76 Teases New "Nebula" Linux Desktop/Workstation

    In addition to System76 developing an in-house Linux laptop design, it also turns out they have been working on a new desktop/workstation PC offering...

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    I didn't realize that PC cases was still a thing.

    I remember years ago guys would mod cases, or make custom cases, or spend big bucks on designer cases but now, in 2023?

    Especially the DIYers, that are interested in a Linux box, I figure they will either buy the cheapest case they can find or buy a second hand pre-built PC and install Linux on it.

    To me it doesn't look that good.

    Maybe if it was completely made out of wood I might buy one.


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      Originally posted by sophisticles View Post
      Especially the DIYers, that are interested in a Linux box, I figure they will either buy the cheapest case they can find or buy a second hand pre-built PC and install Linux on it.
      Why would that be? I buy cases that have the right features like noise dampening, good airflow, easy access to components and trivialities like enough USB ports in the right format available at the front/top. For my next case I might actually opt for a water cooling solution. Price really doesn't matter as it's a business expense and I can easily afford anything on the market. I spend some 12 hours per day next to my desktop. I want it to be as quiet and as powerful as I can get. And I've run Linux exclusively for close to 25 years now.


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        If I were to buy a prosumer/Linux-friendly system, I'd probably look for a good motherboard, perhaps something that you don't get from the major manufacturers. That's where good firmware, good standards-compliant implementations and that sort of stuff can make a difference. (Otherwise, I can just get a normal mobo and risk various side features like IOMMU groups be sort of broken.)

        Apart from the motherboard, I suppose I'd also be interested in a selection of other components, but those would rather be off-the-shelf stuff.

        Just the case isn't particularly interesting to me and the hunt for 3rd party reviews and server/workstation motherboards continues.


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          The price is too high compare to other brands, why is that ?


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            +1 to niner and edgmnt. I've built dozens of Linux boxes, and this one (a) has no visible side-pane, so I cannot see the LED power-consumption -numerals of of my ASUS ROG Thor 850W Platinum PSU, which I first thought of as a bit of a gimmick, but now appreciate, especially when making modifications.
            Similarly, the ventilated side doesn't appear to have a facility for complete-filtration, which is a no-brainer for a working desktop. Soundproofing and case layout are more critical to the purpose. I like the new plethora of fan-channels on modern motherboards, but appreciate the PWM Fan Hubs which can accept feedback and be controlled by any motherboard fan channel. Lots of USBc sockets are also desirable, so yeah, case-selection is a very personal choice, based on your needs.

            I've done the water-cooling thing using clear tubing, which showed how much contaminant materialises out of nowhere in the pristine coolant over time, and clogs the invisible microscopic- pins in CPU water-blocks, so I've reverted to visible air-cooling and power-saving where possible, while still ensuring workflow.


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              I don't think it can beat my SilverStone Fortress FT02 I have here to my right side. It's a beast, it's a stunning beauty, it's ultrasilent.
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                But is the case open source hardware? Are there CAD files available?


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                  When are they starting to sell these in Europe? Thelios aren't available here.


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                    Called Nebula

                    Has pictures of Jupiter, Saturn, and an Astronaut

                    Tell me you're from Colorado without telling me you're from Colorado

                    I want to like this but I need more than one full sized USB port on the front of my desktop. My current PC has 3 up front and I have a USB hub to bring 4 more up there because it's too much of a pain in the ass to access the rear of my PC.

                    Does anyone actually need or fully utilize the 27 USB ports on the rear of their PC? Because I totally love getting up, walking around my desk to the back side of the PC, and squatting down just to access my USB ports. I use three of those -- mouse and keyboard and a USB hub. I'd hate having a PC like that since I'd probably be using 2 USB hubs.

                    Making the case sleek and minimalist means we end up with a work area clusterfucked with USB hubs and cables.