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Purism Librem Server v2 Announced: $2999 USD For A 9th Gen Core i3 With 16GB RAM

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    Originally posted by M@GOid View Post
    Lets say we are a small, under-funded startup with really juicy industrial secrets, something that is worth competitors to try to steal. Wouldn't be more cost effective to try to stop any leaks with a well configured firewall, instead of relying on more expensive computers inside the company?
    More cost effective to keep your employees happy, formulate effective security policies, and educate the non-technical employees on helping prevent social engineering attacks. I'm unfamiliar with this Pureboot thing, but unless it's got a start to finish signature boot chain verification system including self verification and user space verification, there's no way on Earth it can be more secure than a system that does have it like IBM mainframes do along with the rest of the capabilities management and hardware level virtual environment separation enforcement (which no x86 based CPU has in full even today).


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      Originally posted by andyprough View Post

      Well, I did mention my program is both a jobs program and an economic stimulus program all in one didn't I? Sorry if I forgot that part. My program would create about 200,000 Taco Bell and weed delivery jobs. And those are tax paying jobs - so BOOM! My program erases the $31 trillion US national debt in less than 3,000 years.
      Let's see. Playing the average based on their yearly pay I'm gonna call it $13 per hour per Taco Bell employee. We'll ignore that I'm not even at minimum wage in some places. Using US Navy numbers you'll need 20 people working 3 hours to feed 3000 people per meal. Add in cleaning, unloading the food delivery trucks, and prep time and we'll call that 11 hours a day. That's 38.5 full time 40 hours a week jobs per 3000 people. We'll call it an even 39 people per kitchen. We'll need 819.05 kitchens. I'll round down to 819.

      819 Kitchens * 39 Employees * 11 hours per day * 13 an hour = $4,567,563 per day in kitchen labor; $1,667,160,495 a year.

      That's only 31,941 kitchen jobs you'd create to feed 2,457,150 people.

      Since we're assuming prison meals consisting of a few tacos and a single Pepsi, 1 person with 1 cart could feed 100 people in their cell in 30 minutes and 600 in three hours. That means we need 5 people per meal to deliver food over a 3 hour period to feed the 3000 population prison.

      819 Kitchens * 5 delivery people * 3 hours per delivery * 13 an hour * 3 deliveries per day * 7 days per week = 3,353,805 in deliveries per day.

      7,921,368 per day between the kitchen staff and delivery people. I intentionally did in-prison deliveries because 3000 deliveries 3 times a day to 819 prisons means a lot of fuel, oil, and other vehicular expenses.

      We're also up to 36,036 jobs. Do you honestly believe there are 164K weed jobs required to supply 2.4M people? Assuming the food delivery person dropped off a half ounce once a week, there aren't any weed delivery jobs created. If you wanted to create a job there would be 4095 of them that paid $39 a week per person. There's only three hours for one day a week. Not much of a job and nothing that the food delivery people can't handle.

      Now we're up to 40,131 jobs.

      To work with round numbers I'm calling it 15g a half ounce. The average pot plant produces 600-720g of weed. We'll use 600g and call it 40 half ounces, 40 people per plant. Rounding up we need 61,429 pot plants per week to supply everyone. Per acre you can grow between 600-1200 plants so (using 600) you'd need at least 103 acres of budding pot per week; 5356 acres in total (~.13 acres per week per prison). Assuming 5 weed growers per acre, that's 26,780 more jobs bringing it up to 66,911 jobs.

      Assuming 1 food truck delivery per week and 1 weed truck delivery per week, both per prison, that's 1638 trucking jobs.

      That's 68,549 jobs for workers. There might be another 10,000 management, administration, and nepotism roles.

      So 78,549 jobs. There aren't 122K rancher and farm jobs to raise cattle and grow plants for seasonings. Maybe 50K jobs.

      128,549. That's how many jobs are created for your plan to imprison and stone the stoners. Somewhere in the middle I got lazy with the wage calculations.
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        Originally posted by torsionbar28 View Post
        Ever priced out a new server from Dell or HPE or IBM? This isn't the desktop peecee market.
        I think we can rule out these being negotiable like most enterprise vendors.

        Have you seen the price on the librem phone? $1300 ($2000 for US model) for hardware from ten years ago. According to reviews, some primary features like telephony and camera aren't exactly working the best, and as a whole the interface chugs.

        I understand that it's impossible to compete with the big players in a monopolistic world economy like this, and I welcome the idea of a free phone interface. But we've known the GNOME Phone concept was doomed since GNOME 3 came out and its obvious mobile aspirations were steadfastly denied by developers.
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          Originally posted by skeevy420 View Post
          128,549. That's how many jobs are created for your plan to imprison and stone the stoners. Somewhere in the middle I got lazy with the wage calculations.
          It's not the stoners we are worried about, it's the gamers that are the huge security threat requiring the purchase of $2,999 servers with old i3 processors. Non-gaming stoners will not have to go to the prison camps under my administration's program.

          Also you did the numbers wrong, it's 200,000 new jobs. My program has a massive ESG component, and in fact will be so carbon negative it will literally strip the planet of all carbon and make life unlivable within the first 4,000 years. We're talking plant-based beef-tasting tacos and non-dairy soy cheese on every taco. For every food prep and weed delivery job there will be one additional ESG, tree-planting/carbon-capture job.


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            Every day, a sly and a dumb leave their homes. When the two meet, a deal is made!


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              Originally posted by torsionbar28 View Post
              Ever priced out a new server from Dell or HPE or IBM? This isn't the desktop peecee market.
              Exactly, if I order a server from those I get a real server not an old desktop PC in a blade.

              You could buy a used dell blade from that era for roughly the same money: but with much better performance: 2x Intel Xeon Gold 6142


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                Originally posted by Anux View Post
                How would a firewall safe you from infected USB-Sticks, phishing/male-ware mails and similar intrusion techniques?
                I don't what's sadder, that you asked this or that 17 people actually upvoted you.

                A properly configured firewall will definitely stop phishing emails and malware and it can stop any malware on a USB stick from actually getting any data out of the network.

                Further, properly configured group policy stops all removable storage devices.


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                  Originally posted by ypnos View Post

                  All vulnerabilities are mitigated by newer microcode and the Linux kernel in software for older CPU generations. There is nothing ironic about advertising security of a product using these processors of the software is recent enough.

                  Yes, it makes the machine even slower than it could be. But it is only an i3 in the first place...
                  it's an open question whether they even bother to apply those microcode updates. most free software fanatics avoid microcode updates like the plague out of blob fear


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                    3000 dollars for a four year old i7 with no ECC ram? are you kidding me?

                    This is an 8 thread box. Rather than buy two of these, I could spec out a single POWER9 blackbird with a 4 core/16 thread box, 2U heatsink, more ECC ram, and a generic 2U enclosure and come out both faster and cheaper and more open. The stuff purism makes is laughable garbage.

                    edit: and actually reliable, with BMC and other server-grade functionality. not based on some desktop chip.
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                      I bought a similar specs mini lenovo for $130. I wish I was kidding.