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Good Gaming Laptop with Linux support

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  • Good Gaming Laptop with Linux support

    Can anyone recommend a good gaming laptop with all AMD w/ at least a Radeon 6700 or better? Would prefer DDR5, but if DDR4, at least a good GPU?

    I have a list here that I have been looking at, so feel free to comment or add>

    1. Lenovo Legion
    2. ASUS Strix,Zephyrus, etc...
    3. HP Omen

    So far, I really like the Lenovo and Asus offerings, although not opposed to HP - although I have heard that the BIOS config is super limited on the HP.

    Have also looked at the MSI, like the Delta 15, but I hear their QC on hinges is horrible.

    I have some Best Buy gift cards to spend, so if you find something there, that would be preferable, however, I can also go to Amazon.


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    t440p with coreboot runs quake 3 fine lol


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      See my post on Asus Strix Advantage after one year which I did get from Best Buy but I never claimed the bundled games. The games you should claim quickly since they expire if not claimed in a month or two. Those these will be windows games and if you use Steam you'll have a descent chance of them working using proton. So far I have only run older light weight Games like Fallout 4 but benchmarks suggest it should do well with more demanding games. The sound is good with no noticable tinny droup out of Base, but I assume most would use headphones.