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OnLogic Factor 201 Fits The Raspberry Pi CM4 For Industrial Needs & Other Innovative Uses

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    Originally posted by AndyChow View Post
    Non-negotiable in an industrial setting. You need non-software safeguards, regardless of costs. If a manager is unable to figure it out, then change the manager. Industrial accidents result in permanent disability, death, many other problems, and lastly financial damages of rework.
    Yes, but also having industrial equipment break because a bit flipped and that caused a sacrificial mechanical safeguard to have to do it job would lead to costly downtime and equipment replacement. So, it's a false economy to say you don't need ECC because you have mechanical safeguards to fall back on.

    Originally posted by AndyChow View Post
    Well, yes, if the hardware is under operating environmental range. If it's over 250F or 120C, the chips start bubbling.
    We've establish you need a mechanical safeguard, but I would hope an industrial controller would also enter thermal shutdown, if it exceeded its operating temperature range.

    Something like a Raspberry Pi 4 will reduce its clock speed, when it overheats. That was a big issue, when it first launched, due to the performance impact. But that shows us that not only does it have built-in temperature monitoring, but it also has active clock-throttling (and probably thermal shutdown, I presume).

    Originally posted by AndyChow View Post
    Then they will fail because the chip will fall off from the solder bubbling.
    Also, before they get nearly that hot, you might find that the software can't meet realtime guarantees, due to the reduced clock speed. That's another scenario under which it might voluntarily shutdown.