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KiCad 6.0 Release Imminent As A Leading Open-Source Circuit Board CAD Program

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    Originally posted by Viki Ai View Post

    Yes, I too used Eagle for many years, periodically giving KiCad a go. As of version 5, KiCad was at a point where it could do everything I wanted (in a way that I could fit my personal workflows too). Looking forward to version 6, which is looking much like a good case of improvement-without-regression from where I.m sitting.
    After I had read the news here I checked out some of the features of KiCad 6. One of the features I was "missing" was rounder track corners. Usually on normal PCB's (not high freq domain) it is not necessary to have too much concerns about reflecting waves on 90deg tracks. For me it is more optical design feature to have nice round corners now the pcbs do look less 70iesish.
    Tracks can be smoothend very easily with this feature - fillet tracks.
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      Kicad is a very good example of what open source can be to the final user, just Amazing.
      There are high Quality products that are made by Kicad.
      In the embedded space, Olimex for instance, only uses Kicad..

      I have made some work with it too..amazing product, with CERN contributing a lot to it..


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        Originally posted by mirmirmir View Post
        Someone please kickstart librecad 3 development. We need a proper 2d cad foss
        LibreCAD 3 development is here:


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          I've been using it professionally on and off since the dev versions of 5. v4 and earlier was a hot pile of turd. It's at a point now where it can actually be used for most designs relatively pain free professionally, where before it made no sense to use it even if you're saving 2-4k on an Altium licence.
          Massive thanks to CERN and all the volunteers who have invested so much effort in recent years.


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            Fillet track is what I was missing. I am now pretty happy. Yep it is true that since V5, it is usable. Still a handful for RF tough..