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U.2 SSDs and PowerEdge servers

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  • U.2 SSDs and PowerEdge servers

    We recently bought a PowerEdge R7515 and 4x Samsung 1.92TB PM9A3 2.5" U.2 Enterprise SSDs.

    I must admit, I knew next to nothing about U.2 before this purchase and I still don't know a whole lot so maybe I shouldn't have been too surprised that these SSDs don't fit in the R7515's U.2 bays using the recommend caddies, the DXD9H. The disks are 'compatible' as they work fine when you attach them without caddies but the connectors don't align when the PM9A3 is housed in a DXD9H caddie. We bought these disks because they offer twice as much space than Dell's cheapest u.2 SSD which is more than twice the price.

    Are we likely to have the exact same issue if we swap the disks for something like the WD Gold WDS960G1D0D? I have had a look at some pics and the connector seems to be in pretty much the same place as on the Samsung disks so I'd expect so but the current disks are only a couple of mm out of whack so its hard to tell from a cursory glance.

    Do Dell use slightly non standard u.2 disks? Is there actually a standard for enterprise/DC u.2 disks? Does anyone know of any u.2 SSDs that I could buy and insert properly into a R7515 without paying Dell's crazy prices or is there a third party caddy available for this server/disk combo?

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    I just had to re-seat the backplane then all was well in Dell disk land.