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Linux 5.15 Staging Replaces Its Realtek RTL8188EU WiFi Driver

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    As I mentioned previously in Phoronix forums some months ago, it is in my opinion a waste of time and resources to develop the low-level code of network and sound card drivers for each OS separately (Windows, Linux, etc). A unified operating system layer for implementing such drivers would be beneficial to Linux, considering the fact that most of such devices have Windows drivers.


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      My Realtek PCIe WiFi NIC crashes the whole machine without an out-of-tree patch when I use WDS/4addr mode and create bridges over the WiFi connection. The kernel also prints scary warnings when I move the phy0/wlan0 interface to a different namespace/container (something about antenna properties that the container is trying to set), but nothing bad seems to happen.

      Overall I'm satisfied with how it performs (yay, I can blast 1W worth of power through the radio), it supports WPA3, management fame protection and KRACK countermeasures, but the driver certainly could be improved.


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        Realtek is everywhere. Chances are whatever device you are using now has some sort of Realtek chip. I do try to avoid them too, particularly in the lan/wlan front, and make my purchasing decisions based on that. Unfortunately in some things you can't avoid them it seems (onboard sound on motherboards for example).


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          Originally posted by Sonadow View Post

          Try finding any modern USB wifi device supporting 802.11ac that is not made by Realtek or Mediatek.
          Otherwise keep quiet.
          Isn't the MediaTek 7610u in reality a Ralink 2860 or smth? MT bought Ralink?
          Ralink used to be somewhat decent in Linux?