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  • Gigabyte I-RAM

    Has Phoronix has ever experimented with a Gigabyte I-RAM? Searched the site but didn't see anything. Would be an interesting read.

    You have to initialize it with a Windows program. Maybe that could run in Wine or such. Then I'm guessing it would just look like a regular SATA drive.

    I looked at some of the disk benchmarks with PTS but I didn't see options for testing a particular drive or partition.

    With RAM prices coming down, maybe SSD will find itself competing with RW optical media.


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    iRam never really took off. It was also limited to the sata spec at the time. Right now many of the SSD's are fully capable of saturating the sata bus (especially when in raid). The iram could have a better write speed compared to cheaper SSD's though. Of course the iRam's achillies heal was it's limited capacity and inability to store data for the long term.


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      I'm pretty sure i read the i-ram works in linux, it's seen as a normal sata drive.

      However SSD's have completely superseeded this rather nice idea.

      An intel X25-E will actually woop it.

      There are more industrial ram storage solutions though that will completely annhilate any SSD. However these don't connect with SATA but more FC.