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The Reverse-Engineered Corsair PSU Linux Driver Continues To Be Improved Upon

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    Originally posted by uid313 View Post
    Sounds kind of useless. More like a "cool" feature that provides no real benefit. When it comes to power supplies, the most important thing for me is the efficiency, such as having 80 Plus Platinum or 80 Plus Titanium certification.

    I guess it would be pretty cool if the "12-V only" thing took off, but it doesn't seem to.
    Corsair-link is not useless, because it's not only used monitoruing. (End even if, it's nice to be able to debug in case of problems, why machine is resetting randomly or under load, etc, without using external meters)
    There's also userspace corsair-link. I needed to use windows in the past to make common 12V rail (by default it's split, and Radeon VII was turning overcurrent protection on HX1200i). So without this tool I was unable to use hi-end cards.