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WiMAX Support Officially Demoted In Linux 5.11

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  • WiMAX Support Officially Demoted In Linux 5.11

    Phoronix: WiMAX Support Officially Demoted In Linux 5.11

    The Linux 5.11 merge window continues being very active this week with Linus Torvalds hoping kernel maintainers will get in all of their new feature code well before Christmas...

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    The internet Im using right now to read this is through Wimax (1 mb). Afaik this project was dropped by the company that gives the service but somehow is still working.
    This is the only way to get internet in this rural place (unless I use the 4g which charges for each downloaded mb)


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      truth be told, this is a dislike, I live in a town with very few possibilities of connection so I'm with WiMax, so I don't have to update the kernel at risk of not being able to use my desktop pc anymore. This is a bad new...a really bad new