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installation problem for SATA HDD

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  • installation problem for SATA HDD


    facing problem with the installation of 160GB seagate SATA harddrive in
    FC4 as well as RHEL-4.0

    it is a seagate BARRACUDA - ST3160211AS model

    motherboard - intel

    processor - dual core pentium

    is there any website from where the driver for this can be downloaded?

    if so please let me know, or if there is any other means through which this problem can be solved please put your ideas.


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    What Chipset does the motherboard use?

    Is there a particular reason why you are using FC4, and not FC6 or F7T? If you were using a newer distribution it would likely work out of the box.
    Michael Larabel


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      It's weird that you would need to download a driver for this hard drive even with Fedora C4... maybe it's related to some misconfiguration in BIOS? What exactly is the problem? Does the BIOS see the hard drive, and if so then does the OS? After you have the hard drive installed and you boot into the system, you may have to manually mount the drive. Run the following command to see if the OS sees the hard drive:
      fdisk -l
      If you see the new drive listed there (it may be /dev/sda if you have no other SATA drives), then run fdisk to create a partition:
      fdisk /dev/sda
      If you want it all as one partition, then choose n, and accept defaults until you are back at the fdisk prompt. Then type t, followed by 83 (accept default on any other questions that may come up). Once back at the normal fdisk prompt type w to save the changes. I'm using /dev/sda in this example, but you need to make sure that is the correct device for this hard drive on your system or you could lose all data on another existing drive. After creating a partition then you create the filesystem and mount it:
      mkfs.ext3 /dev/sda1
      mkdir /mnt/storage && mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/storage