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Looking for AMD platform "AOD" ACPI Table dumps

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  • Looking for AMD platform "AOD" ACPI Table dumps

    I was bored so I've written a linux driver for the AMD "AOD" acpi device, the interface that the Windows "Ryzen Master" Tool uses to get/set processor/platform parameters.
    It's a bit crude at the moment, but one can already for example set "ECO Mode" or DRAM timing paramters on the fly with it.

    The AOD device is available in a "SSDT" acpi table named "AMD AOD ". I've developed it against 2 of these tables, one for Zen2 and one for Picasso/Zen+ (3200G),
    and I noticed that there are a few minor differences wrt. supported functions and amount of data returned.

    To perfect the driver, I'm now looking for binary or textual dumps of this "AMD AOD " table from the following AMD platforms:
    * Excavator (Athlon X4 845 for example)
    * a Zen1 system (Ryzen 1xxx series)
    * Ryzen 4000U/G if they're available.

    If you have a system with the above can can extract the relevant ACPI table, please drop me a line.


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    I've put the source up at
    It contains a kernel patch and a userspace tool to play with.