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Linux 5.9 To Support 6GHz WiFi With Qualcomm's Ath11k Driver

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    Originally posted by Jakobson View Post
    Even better, we already have IEEE 802.11ad on 60 GHz band for purposes you mentioned.
    Yup, I had thought of that, but in some ways that's actually too high, because last I checked, even your body is enough to block the signal. It's hard to find a good middle ground between sufficient bandwidth and having a reliable signal. Granted, people already look pretty ridiculous wearing VR gear, so I don't think it'd be such a big deal if someone had a giant antenna mounted on the top of their head to get a better signal lol.


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      I still remember when Atheros was blob-less and had no non-free firmware, i wish they would be again.


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        WiFi6 is meant to have better latency control etc.. good for streaming stuff/devices I guess.

        I have a B550 board with WIFI6 that I'll install sometime next month, hopefully it will just work. No idea what chip it has.