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IdeaPad 5 15 AMD Ryzen 3 4300U Freedos for £320

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  • IdeaPad 5 15 AMD Ryzen 3 4300U Freedos for £320

    Thought folks might be interested in this pricing from Lenovo, the site is for the UK as I can't find the same for the US but it gives an idea of the price....

    When taken with freeDOS instead of win 10 this knocks £90 off the price to give a total price of £320

    Spec is 4gb ram, 128gb SSD

    I expect this in the US should be cheaper as in the UK 20% VAT (think GST) is charged and makes a great price, your move Intel


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    I had almost called this off as another overpriced Lenovo (compared with prices from competitors, and my country is not consumer friendly when it comes to taxes (though it is much better than a few years ago)), when I noticed the battery. 70Wh 4-cell Lithium Polymer in a low-end laptop? Wow.
    The rest of the specs do not look very enticing at these prices (a Ryzen 4300U would be awesome, but at these prices I am expecting a Ryzen 5 4500U, as I could get a Dell Vostro 3590 with an i7-10510U and 8GB of DDR4-2666 at slightly more expensive, or with an i5-10210U and 8GB DDR4-2666 at roughly the same price.

    Update: Apparently there's a price hike in my country, so taking that into consideration, this price is actually reasonable (if this model even gets imported, there are next to zero AMD Ryzen laptops being imported here, and those that are, are mostly overpriced and relatively low-quality (such as the Acer Aspire 3 with a Ryzen 5 2500U for the equivalent of ~700$), with a few gaming-oriented laptops mixed in at the premium price-point (Asus TUF and Acer Nitro for roughly the equivalent of 1000-1250$, as well as, interestingly, precisely two stores(both private, however it appears to be an official importer, albeit it is not one of the major importers here) who are a offering an Acer Predator 500.

    A quick look at the major importers' (of my country) catalogs, shows that only one of them imports Ryzen based laptops, a grand total of 1 model, which is a the aforementioned Asus TUF. And the grand total of officially imported Ryzen-based models in my country is 4: Asus TUF FX505DD (Ryzen 7 3750H only), Acer Aspire 3 (Ryzen 5 2500U only), Acer Swift 3 (Ryzen 5 2500U only) and the HP 255 G7 (Ryzen 3 2200U only).

    It's crazy that laptops that are actually worth their price (such as the Dell Inspiron 5585 or the Lenovo ThinkPad E485/E585/E495/E595) are outright ignored by the importers here.

    Update 2: It appears that I saw the wrong price, now that I see the price without Windows, I only have this to say: This is the price a laptop of this caliber should have.

    Update 3: I can't seem to find definite information yet, however it would appear that this IdeaPad is arriving with either an Intel 9000-series/AX2xx-series or the new Qualcomm card (unless it is soldered, in which case it could still be one of these) or an as of yet unannounced wireless card, since they promise either AC or AX wifi, with at least bluetooth 5, and from the regional variant list, I found four options, either 2x2 AC and bluetooth 5, 2x2 AC and BT5.1, 2x2 AX and BT5, or 2x2AX and BT5.1.
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      Update, it seems Lenovo have now removed the FreeDOS option, either pressure from MS or they have given Lenovo more favourable Win10 licence pricing terms to remove that option.