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  • Looking for build advise

    I'd like to build a 4U Server with a AMD Threadripper 3960x. I've been looking at the Rosewill RSV-4310 case, but it seems most places are out of stock. However even if was in stock, I'm curious to know if anybody else has built a similar system in one of those 4U server cases?

    My biggest question with regards to the 4U server case is the cooling for the CPU. I've been looking at the Dark Rock Pro TR4 CPU cooler, but almost 100% sure it's too tall to fit in that 4U case. I'd like to stay with air cooling, but having a difficult time finding any good/known working solutions to keeping the 3960x cooled inside one of those cases.

    If anybody has any advise/suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.

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    Welcome to the forums. I have multiple Threadrippers in different Rosewill Rxx-4xxx series cases, including I think a 3960X or 3970X in a 4310.

    The best cooling I've found for Threadrippers in 4U cases is the Noctua TR4-SP3 92mm cooler. That paired with some good case fans works out well. I think the RSV-4310 model is the one where they finally transitioned to 3pin fan connectors where as the older Rosewill cases were still on 4-pin molex, so with the 4310s I use them and then fill in any empty fan slots.
    Michael Larabel


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      I've looked into some reviews of the Noctua TR4-SP3 92mm cooler, and most every review suggested to stay away from it with the 3rd gen Threadrippers as it doesn't have quite enough cooling capacity to stop the CPU from hitting thermal limits.

      It seems that finding a well performing air cooling solution in that 4U case is a challenge. I wonder if trying to stay with air cooling is the wrong route to go. Maybe I need to start looking into water/AIO solutions that can hopefully fit in those Rosewill server case.