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Could this be the first step to build your own laptops?

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  • Could this be the first step to build your own laptops?

    I mean a true, 100% built from the ground up laptop. Not a barebones, not something else.

    OLPC to Release ?Open Source Hardware Design?.

    The XO laptops from One Laptop per Child non-profit organization has not managed to become really popular on the market due to various reasons, but the OLPC org wants to change that by allowing other manufacturers of mobile computers to build and ship XO machines.

    ?We had to build the first laptop because no one else would do it. But now, OLPC will release and open source hardware design and invite others to copy it,? said Nicholas Negroponte, the chief of OLPC, who predicts that within 3 years there will be 5 to 6 million machines a month built by companies around the world.
    I know this is first going to hit OEM manufacturers, but it would be nice if the parts manufacturers started modifying available resources so that custom computer builders could also become custom laptop builders.