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Software to choose default sound card?

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  • Software to choose default sound card?

    Hey guys,

    I have two sound cards.. my Chaintech AV-710 and onboard AC'97. I only use the AV-710 at night when I want to listen to music, because all that is connected are my headphones.

    Anyway, what program should I use to choose a default sound card? Or even better.. how does a program know what sound card to use? For instance, the other day I was listening to some tunes through amaroK through my headphones, and decided to play some Nexuiz.

    Instead of the sound for Nexuiz coming out of the headphones, it came out of the speakers [blaring loud I may add]. Many programs allow you to manually choose which sound card to use, but many also do not.

    Either way, I appreciate any help!