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Two Decades Late: Mainline Linux Kernel Getting Keyboard / Mouse Driver For SGI Octane

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    Got a second Octane under my desk right now that would love this. Yeah Linux isn't optimized for an Octane, but lay off, it just got keyboard support. OpenBSD got support in '04 and went on to support almost everything else SGI/MIPS too. Moreover, what serious geek ever said don't try? I don't see 200 lines as too much for the amount of people it helps, which is more than you think. This model is arguably the most common, rugged, and versatile, so it's a good pick.


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      This is outstanding, I've been waiting a long time for this.
      Does anyone know which framebuffer will be supported, and if the XIO-PCI cage will be supported as well.
      I seem to remember the network adapter code is already in.
      Do you think debian 10 will be able to run on these (with a 5.5 kernel of course).