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Fwupd 1.3.6 Firmware Updater Released With Initial Windows Support

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    Originally posted by RussianNeuroMancer View Post
    Isn't on Windows that is already covered by Windows Update for years? Like with LVFS it's depend on vendor if they decide to put firmware on Windows Update or not.
    Yeah but afaik this is never ever used and the vendor prefers to use their own executable and applications.


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      Originally posted by cybertraveler View Post
      When two fish meet, it's usually the smaller one that gets extinguished when there is a... merging.
      good thing that software has nothing to do with fish then.


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        Originally posted by Britoid View Post
        Windows Update can install firmware in a similar way to fwupd, fwupd can even read Windows Update cab files.
        There is a difference here. With windows update method of installing firmware the firmware has to be placed on the Windows Update servers. fwupd vendor can keep the firmware on their own controlled servers.

        When you think about the case you by mistake send out a goofed up firmware if you are running your own fwupd repository you can stop people getting the firmware faster than having to talk to Microsoft and get them pull it from the windows update repository.

        Reading the cab files make it simple for those who have already done their firmware up for windows to release on for Linux.

        The question is if fwupd end up working well on Windows. With the fact as vendor you can run your own repo would you still bother about Windows Update method it would seam like duplication and lack of control.


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          Originally posted by starshipeleven View Post
          Yeah but afaik this is never ever used and the vendor prefers to use their own executable and applications.
          There is a control issue using Windows update to ship out firmware. Vendors prefer to use their own update system on windows a lot so that a bad firmware image can be quickly made not accessible. Lot of ways I think the fwupd design is a more suitable design for what vendors want. The means to have a repository absolutely under the hardware vendors control can be very important feature windows update solution is not providing.