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Pre-Loaded Linux PCs Continue Increasing - TUXEDO Computers Sets Up New Offices

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    Well they sell Clevo Rigs (notebooks) like System76 (AFAIK)....I dont know why they need tuxedo_os ...


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      I'll wait until they design their own hardware and support CoreBoot.


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        Originally posted by 144Hz View Post
        tomtomme That’s the beauty of the small vendors. The OS is just a modified Ubuntu.
        That just made me wonder -- How come Ubuntu (or any other distribution) doesn't have a more public facing vendor partnership program? Does every single vendor need and require yet another fork? Would a vendor repo and package pinning be more sufficient until the vendor stuff is all in the Ubuntu repos? Or even some custom packages similar to how AMD has AMDGPU-Pro on their website that covers their newer GPUs until they just work OOTB on Ubuntu?

        I'm just thinking that something along those lines would allow better support for other Ubuntu forks (Mint, XUbuntu, KDE Neon) as well as help prevent a seemingly needless reason for further Linux desktop fragmentation since, for the most part it seems, it's (the forks) likely done over some firmware, kernel modules, and maybe some tweaks to the default desktop, all of which can be packaged up in a vendor repo.

        For isos and reinstalls, Ubuntu could host (or link to) "Ubuntu for Dell" and "Ubuntu for TUXEDO" install mediums that include the vendor repos.


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          Originally posted by tomtomme View Post

          which do you buy?
          I don't know, I haven't researched yet, I don't plan to buy anything soon.
          But I know what I want:
          AMD (Ryzen 3rd gen) CPU
          AMD (Vega or Navi) GPU
          17 inch display if it's a laptop.
          Kubuntu or KDE Neon operating system, I hate Gnome 3. But this is not so important as the others, since I can install it myself.


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            Originally posted by 144Hz View Post
            skeevy420 Fragmentation ends when multidesktopism ends. And that’s what they are doing right now
            It ends when there become less and less reasons for doing forks and some sort of vendor partnership program would assist with that.

            Multidesktopism will always exist. Android, according to browser user agent statistics, is the number one used OS in the world and look at all the different "desktop environments", I mean, launchers, exist for it. Myself, I use Nova Launcher Pro. I simply got tired of the ever changing interfaces and whatnot with new phones and roms; but the point is: look at all the fragmentation and update lag that causes via all these manufacturer (and carrier) forks and how bad that makes appear Android overall. I just worry that Ubuntu, and Linux in general, will start to suffer that same problem if they don't figure out how to reign in vendor forks.

            It's like, we don't need "AMDGPU-Pro OS" based on Ubuntu (or SUSE or Cent) when AMD can just provide a few packages for a few key distributions and work with upstream Linux projects to get support for all users of all distributions.


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              I’d prefer Fedora myself. It does make you wonder why everyone of these companies base their distro on Ubuntu.

              still I wish them success, they are at a point where growth can be difficult. Even things like moving to new offices can put a crimp on cash and productivity.


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                Originally posted by 144Hz View Post
                skeevy420 The vendors just shuffle some color palettes, adds a few extensions and launchers to the GNOME session, new background, change trade marks and repos. Done.
                I don't see the big deal: it's proven popular on Android. Yes, vendor skins aren't as bloated anymore, but lots of OEM's still force their own Android launchers, icons, etc. and sometimes their own theme (e.g. Samsung with OneUI).


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                  I got myself one of Tuxedo's InfinityBook Pro 15 laptops for my current one, and I must say that I've been really quite happy with it. Respectable hardware, for a more than reasonable price, with friendly support too, and the fact that their LED backlight driver is literally on GitHub is quite amusing too.
                  It's nice of them to also provide a free 16GB USB3 flash drive with WebFAI on it, so you can easily install Ubuntu,openSUSE, or their own TUXEDO_OS.

                  Of course, buying the laptop free from any OS worked just fine too, and it's been running really well for me as a daily driver for development and general use.

                  I sort of wish that they had some more non-German merch though, the free Tux posters with common commands - and the Linux magazine - that they shipped haven't been of much use due to me not knowing the language.


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                    Augsberg. The home of the richest man you've never heard of. The O.G. Bill Gates.


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                      You can change the distro during purchase btw. It's not obligatory to take their own distro flavour, which comes with the Budgie desktop btw.

                      These systems are quite nice and affordable. I wish they'd support Ryzen CPUs in their laptops too. I'll consider them next time