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Linux and plug-n-play 10Gbps network cards

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  • Linux and plug-n-play 10Gbps network cards

    Hello everyone.... I'm going to be adding some 10Gbps network cards to some Linux boxes soon (Linux Mint 19.2 on box 1 and not sure which flavor of Linux on backup box 2) but I came across this article while doing some research and one thing I'm wondering..... do I need to install drivers for whichever 10Gbps cards I go with? Ideally, I'd like to find some 10Gbps cards I can just install and Linux will work with them. This articles mentions an "out of the box" experience so I'm just curious if all/most 10Gbps cards work with Linux or do I need a newer Kernel? Mint 19.2 ships with I think 4.15. Looking for guidance on a 'plug-n-play' solution as I'd rather not have to deal with drivers but I had zero luck finding out which 10Gbps cards Kernel 4.15 supports. (I'm a slight Linux noob.)
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