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Building the lowest latency computer today...

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  • Building the lowest latency computer today...

    Please checkout this amazing article, which is unfortunately a rarity today:

    As you can see the Apple 2e had much lower keyboard to screen latency than any modern desktop has today. I'm interested in building a modern computer that is as low latency as possible, with the highest performance possible as a secondary attribute. More work needs to be done on where the latency is coming from, but this article is a great start. The top 3 areas latency is coming from are: 1) keyboard 2) monitor 3) GPU - it seems. In terms of solvability 1) seems very solvable 2) seems somewhat solvable 3) seems difficult to solve... And to get it down to 30ms, I think one would have to find the other factors increasing latency before we can determine if they're solvable with today's parts.

    Thanks - and I hope some of you find this as interesting as me!