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Microsoft's Component Firmware Update Is Their Latest Short-Sighted Spec

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    Originally posted by boxie View Post
    I am sure he would be open to PR's and/or collab
    microsoft or fwupd? you can't tell microsoft to use fwupd until fwupd supports windows


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      Originally posted by andreano View Post
      Could fwupd work on Windows, you mean. We are talking about a protocol.
      if we are talking about protocol then pr should be spelled more like "just implement fwupd protocol"


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        Originally posted by boxie View Post
        so... if it is an open spec... surely you could put in a PR with "just use fwupd"
        More like "just use DFU". I don't think fwupd can be compared to CFU since they are different things. One is a software to do firmware updates and the other is a protocol to do firmware updates.


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          Wasn't UEFI wintel-minded shit enough? With all their dreaded ACPI and other horrors they spit? MS has shown what they can - ignore everything but self and intel fellows and do self favors over everything else.

          As for protocols it can be hard to get one size that fits all. There was e.g. DFU, but it got rather marginal adoption - because it only covers few specific use cases. Eventually vendors had to go for "DFU-like" protocols, not readily usable with standard tools, or even custom protocols just because DFU doesn't handles their use case at all.

          As example, imagine wireless mouse. MCU in transceiver, MCU in mouse itself, radio can only do small packets, and transceiver's MCU got nowhere close to being able to buffer whole firmware in its RAM. How you'd expose all that in DFU terms? To make it more fun imagine we want to download raw dump for backup purpose, to be able to roll it back right in state it been before update, if new firmware proves to be bad idea. Oh, wait, DRM f...s would surely like idea of one-way update to "improve security" aka enforcincg DRM restrictions and other secureboot/bootguard/etc crap - and they dont care if your device is a toast or just misbehaves with new firmware. And with forced, default firmware updates it would even happen automatically. So you never know when your hardware would get bricked/crippled/"fixed", with no rollback possible. He-he.
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