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Acer Nitro 5 on Fedora 30 Just Works

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  • Acer Nitro 5 on Fedora 30 Just Works

    I just bought the newest Acer Nitro 5 with a Ryzen CPU and Radeon 560X GPU:

    I brought it home and installed Fedora 30 on it. In short, this thing just works. So far I have not had to use any special tricks in GRUB or whatnot to get it to work.

    Seems like a great lower cost Linux laptop. The keyboard and especially the trackpad are surprisingly good. I had gotten used to lower cost laptop equals shitty keyboard and touchpad. Not in this case. 4 figure swipe to change desktops works better than on any other laptop I have had.

    On-CPU graphics work decent for all desktop work, scrolling is smooth. DRI_PRIME=1 on the command line enables the dedicated graphics while I ran Unigine Heaven. Fans were not terrible while I was running the benchmark.

    However, I hate the numpad on the right side laptop, which makes me type to the left side of the laptop. This is one probably going back. However, while I have, I am glad to test out whatever people might want.

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    I also want to say that this project has completely changed desktop Linux for me:

    For me, this package made Linux fonts actually usable on the desktop. Before the included fonts hurt my eyes to read. Now, I can read for several hours without major eye strain.


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      Disappointed by the display's color performance.Everything else is great.