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Need some feedback (ASUS X83Vm-X1)

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  • Need some feedback (ASUS X83Vm-X1)

    I purchased this laptop and am having some issues with the unit in Ubuntu. I only got this unit after getting two bad HP dv5-1160us units (LCD issues).

    The problems are as follows:

    1. The unit boots the LiveCD (Fedora and Ubuntu tested) but will lock up and fail then complain about having issues with the DVD drive (sr0). From what I can tell this is due to a bug in the firmware of the drive (hope an update will come out soon from ASUS)

    2. On random boots (25%) I will get in to a session where the 'video' is 'jerky' or 'laggy'... when I run the System Monitor the update graphs on the resources tab are drawn in fits and spurts. They will draw smoothly if I move my mouse, but if I stop moving the mouse they get 'laggy'.

    If there are some commands/programs I should run please let me know... I am two years in to running Linux, but have not had this type of issue on any other computer I run it on.

    Best Buy has a 15% restocking fee so I would hate to 'return' it, but if it is defective (oh, my bad luck to get three bad laptops) I could get an exchange... I am not convinced the unit is defective though.

    Thanks everyone!

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    Please do not worry about replying for my sake... from the research I did on the net last night it is a firmware problem that ASUS has known about and has not addressed (since it doesn't affect Windows). For this reason I returned the laptop.