at the moment I'm thinking of building a DIY router based on OpenBSD for my Internet to Home Network.
Of course it shouId be as secure as possible thats why I want to screw around with OpenBSD.

Since it is planed to be used at home the Performance requirements are not so crucial.
The reason why im asking this question here....so much ideas are flying around in my head but none of it seems to be the best.

1. I want to be as least effected by Spectre/Meltdown/Zombieload issues as possible.

2. It should not contain some Intel ME or AMD PSP stuff or any Chinese Hardware Backdoor....

3. It should be under 200$ and consists two at least 100Mbits Ethernet Ports.

4. Powerconsumption should be low - living in germany and an e.g. old PPC Power Mac is a bit to hungry. This is going to be expensive on the long term.

My options which I have discovered so far

1. Banana Pi Router 1 or 2
2. PC Engine APU
3. Older Gen AMD APU e.g. Richland .

But this options are not really fullfiling the upper constrains.

1. Possible backdoor on the SoC ? Allwinner and Mediatek design
2. Effected by Spectre/Meltdown ..maybe PSP ? I dont know
3. Effected by Spectre/Meltdown but PSP free I guess...
(4. old PPC Mac ...but possibly to powerhungry)

Does anyone of you have some Ideas which are not mentioned here. Im open to any Plattform PPC, ARM, MIPS ...whatsoever.

My dream Firewall would be:
PPC + Libreboot + 2xLan Controller (Fin. Budget <200$ / Energybudget < 25-30W) and OpenBSD support .... I know unicorn

Any suggestions are appreaciated