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Realtek Contributes New "RTW88" 802.11ac WiFi Driver To The Linux Kernel

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  • Realtek Contributes New "RTW88" 802.11ac WiFi Driver To The Linux Kernel

    Phoronix: Realtek Contributes New "RTW88" 802.11ac WiFi Driver To The Linux Kernel

    Newer Realtek WiFi chipsets are about to see better hardware support under Linux thanks to Realtek contributing the new "RTW88" driver to the mainline Linux 5.2 kernel...

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    Wish they would only support 8812au.


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      Doesn't rtlwifi covers some old 802.11n chips?


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        Are they frikkin' serious? Dropping rtlwifi when rtw88 is not even compatible with 80211abgn?

        Also, the hacked vendor drivers hosted by aircrack for supporting rtll881xau devices depend on the rtlwifi staging drivers being present in the kernel to build. Drop rtlwifi staging and you essentially cut out a huge bunch of Realtek users depending on the aircrack drivers for their only means of WiFi connectivity.
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          Originally posted by phoronix View Post
          RTW88 is a new 802.11ac WiF driver


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            Might give this a go, the old driver used to bring down my Raven system even when I wasn't using the wifi connection


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              Originally posted by Laughing1 View Post
              Wish they would only support 8812au.
              True that. The entire support around RealTek WiFi has been messy for years. But if you're still in need for a driver then use the out-of-tree driver at Clone the archive and compile it:

              > git clone git://
              > cd rtl8812au
              > sed -i "/CFLAGS.*-O[12]/s/-O[12]/$CFLAGS/" Makefile # <-- set your own CFLAGS here
              > KVER=5.0.11 # <-- set your kernel version here
              > make KVER=$KVER clean && make KVER=$KVER && make KVER=$KVER install
              > # when all compiles well rebuild the initramfs image
              > update-initramfs -u -k $KVER
              > update-grub
              Another good one is the one by Gordboy, which is also found on GitHub. One more thing though, one must have the RFKILL support turned off in the kernel before either of these work:
              > fgrep CONFIG_RFKILL .config
              # CONFIG_RFKILL is not set
              The out-of-tree drivers for the RealTek USB dongles with 8812au do not support the RFKILL system and will be considered as off when the kernel was compiled with RFKILL. RFKILL isn't all that important to have as it is only a module to kill WiFi with a single switch (by turning the RF transmitter/receiver off).

              Another difference when compared to the in-kernel drivers is that the driver doesn't support the newer ieee80211 API and you won't be able to query or manipulate it with "iw". The NetworkManager will however recongize it and you should be able to see all WiFi networks in the area as well as connect to them.

              Hope this helps anyone in need with a RealTek USB dongle based on the 8812au.
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                Does this mean we are getting some new linux-libre compatible Wifi cards for notebooks?


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                  in the article you said:

                  "Greg Kroah-Hartman has already removed the "RTLWIFI" driver from the Linux kernel's staging area. So RTW88 is the successor to the long-in-standing RTLWIFI driver. Nuking the RTLWIFI driver code lightened up the staging area by 123,321 lines. "

                  But I'm not seeing any commit about removing rtlwifi in linux git (last merge from Torvalds 12 hours ago) and it would also make 0 sense to remove it as rtw88 does not support the same hardware.

                  Where did you see this removal happening?


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                    Originally posted by jtoaspern View Post
                    Does this mean we are getting some new linux-libre compatible Wifi cards for notebooks?
                    No, firmware blobs are required.
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