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Good laptop for 3d work

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  • Good laptop for 3d work


    Hope that this is the correct form for my question.

    I am interested in getting a laptop to learn and use Blender and maybe other 3d programs. I am unsure of what brand to get.
    I want a 17" screen. A dedicated graphic card with at least 6 GB RAM. 32 GB system RAM, storage of at least 1 TB. I am
    interested in getting a SSD drive of at least 512 GB. If possible I would like to keep the cost to less than $2,700.

    I read that not all gaming laptops are suited for 3d work.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions

    [email protected]

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    Originally posted by valhalla2100 View Post
    I read that not all gaming laptops are suited for 3d work.
    Why so? I can't think of a reason one would be unsuited, at least for the basics : compatibility, performance etc.
    A gaming laptop sounds like what you need, due to the much better cooling for the CPU and graphics card.
    Perphaps the screen is an important point. On such laptops there may even be a choice of screen, such as 1920x1080 144Hz, 3840x2160 60Hz or perhaps 1920x1080 60Hz, as sub-models of the laptops or as a buy-time option.

    If you were to go with 3840x2160 (4K), first check if Blender will support that well (i.e. how does it look with OS or desktop set to Hi Dpi mode? Does it have a setting of its own to make GUI elements twice bigger?)
    Screen technology may be TN or IPS ; TN is faster for games, IPS is much better overall for colors and angles of vision. If color accuracy is important : I don't know how you calibrate a laptop LCD display, esp. under linux. You may want to find reviews that evaluate the display's color accuracy (or plan to use an external monitor if this was really important)