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Linux Picking Up Support For The Fireface UCX High-End Professional Audio Solution

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    Originally posted by spykes View Post
    It's really a shame that we still have to rely on "reverse engineering" to support this kind of hardware in 2019...
    Here's a tip: maybe if the design didn't piss off the manufacturers of the devices, they'd actually do kernel devs' work and write drivers for Linux themselves.

    But no, keep having childish policies, keep breaking in-kernel ABI, etc, and then whine about the end result "but why they pick Windows?"


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      Originally posted by wizard69 View Post
      ... what modern audio interface hardware would you suggest for simple AV production.
      Most modern popular audio interfaces are USB Audio Class compliant devices and works in linux out of the box. This includes Focusrite Scarless Solo/2i2/2i4/4i4 (Gen 2), Roland Rubix22/24/44, Steinberg UR12/22mkII/24/242, etc..


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        First thing the focusrite devices sound pretty good but, stay away from the ones that have adat because they will not allow you to have full support at maximum samplerates. I own the 18i20 2nd gen. I cannot get 192kHz to save my life. So while class compliance is makes a lot of interfaces work really well if the number of input/output changes with sample rate your device will not work properly. Also where can I find an up to date list of supported audio interfaces.