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What Do You Want To See Out Of The Redesigned, Next-Gen Raspberry Pi?

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  • What Do You Want To See Out Of The Redesigned, Next-Gen Raspberry Pi?

    Phoronix: What Do You Want To See Out Of The Redesigned, Next-Gen Raspberry Pi?

    With the launch this week of the Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+, they made it clear whatever comes next will be a big re-design compared to all of the Raspberry Pi ARM single board computers up to this point. So what would you hope they incorporate into the next-generation of these low-cost boards?..

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    UEFI implementation would be nice, coreboot would be better. I know neither are usually the done thing with ARM boards but it would really great if i could load a distro off a usb. Support for a fully open system from the get go would also be appreciated.


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      risc-v processor would be cool, but i guess that wont happen anytime soon.


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        Something that is not Rock Pi 4 for $39 or NanoPi NEO4 for $45... these are much faster as use RK3399, kind of they are wasting chip just to make a price there, as that chip can do much more

        Funny how these trolling RPi there and suggesting number 4

        Number 4 comment in the thread
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          Stop the usage of sd cards to install an entire OS, I stopped to use my RPIs because my sd cards always die some month after their warranties ...


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            Yeah. The true value of RPi is low-cost open friendly hardware, not the performance nor the cutting-edge technology. Many new OSes (somewhat educational though) targets RPi to attract newcommers so UEFI will definitely boost their development.


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              Dedicated (ie: not via the USB bus) channel for wired Ethernet.
              Independent USB2.0 channels (rather than a hub, again) - I don't personally have much use for USB3, but having multiple full-bandwidth USB2 ports could be useful.
              More general DSI (or more modern equivalent) interface that can work with more than a couple of obscure LCD screens.
              On-board (on die?) flash (that can read a lot faster than a SD card, ideally supporting XiP).
              I don't care for more RAM, but faster is always good.
              Integrated real time clock?
              Better power profile would be nice too (to be fair on the existing chips, they were designed for STB devices, not phones, so extreme power-efficiency wasn't a design goal).

              That's about it for me. I don't even care for 64-bit arch (though 32-bit ARM-8R would be preferred over ARM-7) Or RV-32, but that is probably dreaming!


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                Non-USB Ethernet and RTC

                eSATA slot maybe or onboard storage? Although booting off USB is better than SD, it's still pretty bad.

                UEFI wouldn't be too surprised given that there's a bunch of UEFI firmwares for the Pi now in various states. The ARM world is awful for having to make a new fork/image for each chipset/board.


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                  x86 CPU.


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                    Maintain the same price point is most important. Open source graphics. And a port that can facilitate the OS being on something considerably better than an SD card whether that be SATA, M.2 or something like that.