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Linux's LoRa Is Ready To Deliver Long-Range, Low-Power Wireless

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    Originally posted by starshipeleven View Post
    By product I mean board ready to be integrated, and yes finding only 1 supplier of an expensive one vs zillions on cheap LoRa does let me use the "I can't find wmbus products" allright.

    Ebay has 2 LoRa modules for 10$

    Or others based on Semtech SX1272 and friends

    Chinese are just assembling off-the-shelf (cheap) ICs implementing LoRa, open or closed standard is irrelevant.

    Yeah, for more than 50$ a module they very well ought to. The point is that the SX1272 (and others for other frequencies) have good support and decent community for Arduino.

    That's the cost for the IC alone, I'm talking of fully functional module boards ready for integration (i.e. they expose a UART/TTL/Serial and power pins, and maybe antenna pins for an external antenna) or Arduino hats (which is the same thing, usually one of such modules soldered on a bigger board).

    I don't have electrical engineers in my closet, I can't (and quite frankly most companies don't want either) to build my own board for something like this.
    thera are also SOM modules...
    they integrate uart, spi i2c the have antenas and so on...modules that you can solder in a pcb, or to pins directly..

    The things is...with a SOM you don't even need a arduino, because the SOMs have a stm32 wich is a arm cortex0-4 32 bits, with hardware encryption and so on
    But yes it all depends on what you are trying to achive..

    RF products, i don'n t buy in china, the diference price, doesn't compensate the bad quality..only if you need to deploy some 30-50 here, you have a point in price diference.


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      Originally posted by brrrrttttt View Post
      I looked at both of these, the closest they got was "may" and "possible". I was hoping for something a bit more definite.
      The studies you reference were included mainly to illustrate how industry corrupts scientific inquiry in this field.

      The list of studies from Google that appear later in the original post are more definitive and cross reference supporting studies.


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        Here in the UK there's mostly no such thing as licence free, but there are things which provided they meet the standards and used in the approved manner, are automatically licensed by Ofcom.
        WiFi is one such... so if you use 5GHz wifi there's specific channels and power you can use in order to meet the licensing conditions depending on whether it's a mobile device or, say, point to point.
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