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Linux's Qualcomm Ath10k Driver Getting WoWLAN, WCN3990 Support

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    Originally posted by Uqbar View Post
    I understand your points. Especially the one about the differences between a driver and a firmware blob.
    Nonetheless, I don't like it anyway.
    Because there's no reason (for me at least) to keep that code opaque and hidden.
    Especially if there's a way to reverse compile or to disassemble it.

    Then we could discuss what can be done and cannot with a device running undisclosed software.
    For example, a network adapter (wired or wireless) can do a lot of things, as the latest news seem to show.
    You still sound like an idiot.


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      Originally posted by brad0 View Post

      You still sound like an idiot.
      Not to me. The problem with loadable firmware is that a alternative firmware can be loaded maliciously. While preserving functionality it might infect your OS and keep infecting while you reinstall again and ad again. As it's independently of your system and OS it can just give access to your system remotely on it's own or share your information with others. No virus scanner will detect.

      Now you can say: let vendors publish a list of checksum's on valid firmware's so you can check. But if the company has been infiltrated the firmware might just be malicious and publish as OK. Or just has exploitable bugs and you will not be able to check nor anyone else.

      Also product vendors are more concerned about functionality and speed not on your safety. It simply doesn't sell product if they are safe but slow en less in functionality than your competitors.

      Vendors are however reluctant to share the code for numbers of reasons.
      1. The code might not be theirs or not completely, copyright, licencing, etc.
      2. The code might reveal information on the hardware usefull to their competitors
      3. The code might come form altered open source (GPL) code, which is an infringement
      So the cheap solution is just to deliver blob's and pretend everything smells like roses

      "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you"


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        Originally posted by brad0 View Post

        You still sound like an idiot.
        Thanks for your great contribution to the discussion.
        Let's say you need to let every day an unknown person in your house because otherwise your fridge wouldn't work.
        She's not just sitting near your fridge. She sometimes walks around, touches stuff, peeks at people and stuff.
        You are not allowed to know what she's doing all the time. You only know that otherwise your fridge won't work.
        That person isn't always the same. Sometimes an apparently new person replaces the previous one.
        Sometimes you see weird things all around and weird behaviors of your pets and appliances.
        Sometimes apples smell like bananas and the cheese like strawberries.
        But you have no evidence it's been caused by that person.
        You just recall that those weird things never happened before you got that fridge (and unknown person).
        Are you OK with that? Are you easy?

        I am not and I sound like an idiot.

        What about yourself?