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The Next Challenge For Fwupd / LVFS Is Supporting NVMe SSD Firmware Updates

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    Originally posted by Vistaus View Post
    I wish I could've done that, but I don't make much money and this laptop was already costly for me (but it was totally worth it though!), so I couldn't/can't justify buying a separate SSD just for the sake of receiving firmware updates.
    Just stop being poor. Problem solved.

    On a more serious note, nowadays SSDs are a mature technology. You need to be really unlucky to need a firmware update to be able to use a SSD at all, most of the times the issue is in some feature that boosts performance, and unless you are some kind of performance freak you can 100% do without.

    Afaik Linux kernel has a blacklist for devices/firmware version with buggy features (*cough*Samsung*cough*), and in most cases it will auto-disable the features known to be bad. I don't know how good this works with OEM drives, off-brands like KingSpec (aka random chinese stuff), as someone needs to have added the drive to the blacklist.