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Intel SSD 660p: 512GB Of NVMe Storage For $99 USD

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    The difference between a HDD and *any* SSD is massive, I'd certainly recommend getting an SSD for your commonly accessed files and project files. HDDs are still great for media.

    If you are a heavy writer of data (the equivalent of a drive write per week say), then get a more expensive SSD which allows for more drive writes - although a TLC 3D-NAND should suffice even then.

    Most home users don't do such heavy writing. This is where these cheap "100 drive write" SSDs are viable. An earlier poster wrote they had written 10TB in a year, so their drive should last 10 years at minimum. In reality, it will last a lot longer still - the drive controllers are very good at wear levelling, and the drive write numbers are pessimistic for obvious reasons.

    Also note that enterprise user systems have a load of bloat enterprise computer management software installed, that crater performance. An SSD can reduce boot time to 30s from 5 minutes! And the company will have a mandatory power-down/hibernate policy, etc, etc.


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      Originally posted by sykobee View Post
      The difference between a HDD and *any* SSD is massive
      That doesn't matter. What matters is that for many cases, HDDs are "enough". If you have the simplest RAID 1 mirror, you get about ~200MB/s sequential reads, which is really enough for a lot of cases. Not everyone handles large files or bloated garbage. Nor do they work with a massive amount of files, either (which needs a lot of seeking and stuff). And, well, you get reliability with the mirror for probably the same price if not even cheaper. ;-)

      SSDs definitely have their uses, but people who just go by "dude the differences are massive" are missing the point. They are indeed massive, but for many cases, it simply doesn't matter.