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Toshiba RC100 NVMe SSD Ubuntu Linux Benchmarks

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  • Toshiba RC100 NVMe SSD Ubuntu Linux Benchmarks

    Phoronix: Toshiba RC100 NVMe SSD Ubuntu Linux Benchmarks

    Back in June Toshiba introduced the RC100 NVMe solid-state drive as a new low-end offering. The RC100 is now a bit blindsided by Intel's just-launched 660p SSD that delivers incredible storage capacities per dollar, and I'll have some Intel 660p Linux benchmarks in a few days, but for those curious about the RC100 here are some Ubuntu Linux benchmark results for this low-cost NVMe SSD.

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    I am trying to get the 480GB variant of those for almost a month now. No dice, out of stock everywhere.


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      $70~70 USD
      typo+5 characters minimum


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        "But with being M.2 2242 is limited to PCI Express x2 lanes rather than x4 bandwidth."

        Huh? How is the card length at all related to the bandwidth? These are independent variables. An M.2 card can be PCIe x1, x2, or x4. And with length of 30, 42, 60, 80, or 110 mm. There is no relationship between PCIe lanes and card length.


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          torsionbar28 I think its the ssd controller which is in the pakage with tha flash chip. It needs to be small so there wasn't enough space for a x4 controller. Otherwise i also don't see what the size has to do with the lane number.

          In general i think the interesting part about this SSD is its size. Could fit in some smaller slots in some notebook.