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Linux 4.19 To Add Driver Supporting The Cougar 500k Gaming Keyboard

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    Originally posted by kpedersen View Post
    Lol. Does anyone actually like the look of this stuff? It would be great to get opinions of actual gamers or are you like me and just have to put up with this kind of tacky stuff if you need a performant machine?

    It is a shame because I actually like some of the ideas such as The split keyboard (I only ever use the left side so I assume it would be more snappy).
    I also like the idea of the keys along the far left side. I miss them from my old SunRay keyboard.

    But.... ugh! I'll never pick up any girls at an IT conference using that thing!
    Some ashethics are better than others, in the case of such things as mice and keyboards some that have it down right are obvious. Some things should not be an artistic statement, but their practical design, simplicity and more subdued geometry does tend to be a hallmark of function and elegance.

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      kpedersen I like the low profile business look, chiclet keys are very nice for gaming and quiet. I have had a lighted e blue junior mouse for years now. Not everything needs to look super dooper awesome, and I game a lot. I tend to go for non lit stuff, I actually have a corsair enclosure for my build and there is no crazy lights eminating from it and it has built in sound dampening material inside for quiet DAW work. It looks all business and I can game like its going out of syle at times. At best the fan ports at the back of my system glow like a tube amplifier, which is kind of funny since that is my focus right now. Tube glow with tubes in studio, tons of tube gear around.
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