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Samsung 970 EVO NVMe SSD Benchmarks On Ubuntu Linux

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    Originally posted by msroadkill612 View Post
    ... What options exist for running nvme with fewer pcie3 lanes, or lesser pcie2 lanes?
    I don't understand your question.

    I am running a Samsung 950 Pro in a PCIe2x4 slot, which means max 2 GB/s throughput. During writing this is more than the SSD is capable. During reading it is measurable, but not noticeable.


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      Used to use the Samsung evo 970 series looking for a replacement for new builds... "speed doe snot matter if the device is planing to nuke itself with massive over access upon mounting the drive"
      Also Samsung will not support Linux or Unix nor do they have a bug reporting support for Unix or Linux firmware based issues.
      No Guidelines for best or optimal use offered even after explaining the process, but there are magic windoze directions everywhere.
      New Evo should come with the Windoze logo only or the MacOs only logos... no longer Unix/Linux compatible
      The Old firmware 2018 worked flawlessly with Mint 18.x 19.x the new 2020 EVO 970 units ship with Firmware that after formatting the drive for EXT4 there is extensive hyper access by the OS to the EVO drive even when there is no access to the device... HEADS UP NEW EVO is Windoze only, but they will not say that on the packaging.
      1.) install EVO in external Enclosure ( make sure production date is 2020 ) - have seen issue with EVO internals as well production date 2020
      2.) Gparted Create EXT4 partition
      3.) navigate to the Drive via CLI or GUI
      4.) watch the light on the enclosure just start flashing and it will not stop
      5.) disconnect drive feel NVME controller it will be abnormally hot

      * note all EVO drives tested and used with production dates of 2018 08 or earlier do not exhibit this behaviour