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CompuLab Fitlet 2 Is A Mighty Fine, Low-Power PC Preloaded With Linux Mint

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  • CompuLab Fitlet 2 Is A Mighty Fine, Low-Power PC Preloaded With Linux Mint

    Phoronix: CompuLab Fitlet 2 Is A Mighty Fine, Low-Power PC Preloaded With Linux Mint

    Over the past decade we have looked at many interesting PCs from CompuLab, a vendor capable of delivering Linux-friendly PCs that are originally designed and often catered to meet demanding industrial requirements. The latest Linux PC we have been putting through its paces the past several weeks has been the Fitlet2, which CompuLab describes as being designed "from the ground-up to minimize size and maximize capabilities, durability and thermal performance." After running our plethora of benchmarks on this mini Linux PC, we can say with confidence they have succeeded in their mission.

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    Originally posted by tildearrow
    Whoops, fixed. Thanks.
    Michael Larabel


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      Also, digital signate?


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        It would be very interesting to know if this newer generation of Atom/Celeron CPU (aka Apollo Lake) does support (finally) PCID, which AFAIK the previous generation (Braswell) did not support.

        If it still does not support PCID, it would be interesting to have a view on the impact of KPTI on different workloads. This little computer could be a perfect DIY router, but if there is a huge impact due to KPTI (when for example installing some DPI app, and thus switching very often between kernel and user space) it might be worth waiting for fitlet 2 to support other CPUs.


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          Waiting already for close to 1.5 years for those industrial apollo lakes (e38xx) to appear after their announcement. Whispers do claim sometime Q3 for the final sillicon.
          intel is tightlipped about the reason for the delays, and their board partners just shrug of problems on unfinished sillizium and stuff they cant talk about (in written form atleast). If you work as embedded dev and want to be treated like crap, intel is a good bet.


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            After reading the headline carelessly, I was disappointed to find it wasn't a PowerPC-based computer after all.


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              Originally posted by phoronix View Post
              due to the compact size of the Fitlet2 there is just one DDR3 DIMM.
              That's unfortunate. I'd really like to see an apples-to-apples comparison of what Apollo Lake can really do.

              I think the popularity of people populating just one memory channel is probably the reason Intel doubled the cache, in Gemini Lake.


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                I have zotac ci327 with apollo lake atom as desktop and I'm very happy with it.