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Rebuild My Old Core2Quad Desktop

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  • Rebuild My Old Core2Quad Desktop

    Hi all!

    I'm reaching for help because my old Core2Quad desktop died today.
    It doesn't turn on, However, I have been able to test my PSU and HD. Everything seems fine.
    For now I would like to upgrade Processor, RAM (16gb), GPU and ofcourse, Motherboard.
    I want to buy from Portuguese stores (i'm from Portugal) because of any RMA issues that might come up.
    As my budget is very restricted (500€) and I'm no Pro in computers, I would love if you guys could help me choose the new parts for my new computer.
    For now, I have already sorted some options for each component (that I will need), I'll leave the links below. (sorry for the long links but the query makes them a lot longer)
    I Want the computer to be as energy eficient as possible, so probably AMD will be out of choice!
    If you guys know about any other Portuguese stores that might be cheaper please advise!
    Feel free to ask any question!

    CPU - et+H4+-LGA1151-+-+4+-+&query=%5B%5B"171"%2C"1491"%5D%2C%5B"106"%2C"694" %5D%5D&orderPreco=+preco+ASC
    RAM (16gb ddr4)-"113"%2C"775"%5D%2C%5B"111"%2C"753"% 5D%5D&orderPreco=+preco+ASC
    Motherboard (socket h4) - +ASC&q=2+-+Socket+H4+-LGA1151-+-+Intel+-+&query=%5B%5B"61"%2C"345"%5D%2C%5B"43"%2C"1205"%5 D%2C%5B"42"%2C"206"%5D%5D
    GPU (8gb memory) -"48"%2C"268"%5D%5D&orderPreco=+preco +ASC

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    Did you compare to this?:

    I hope that helped.

    I suggest going with the budget processor of Intel CL or Ryzen - and upgrade later - when everyone has moved on to the 'next generation.'
    Else, you could stay with the Kaby Lake generation, get a Pentium processor and cheap B250 mobo to go with it.