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Llamafile 0.8.7 Brings Fixes, Better ARM Performance & Preps For New Server
Llamafile 0.8.7 Brings Fixes, Better ARM Performance & Preps For New Server
9 Hours Ago - Mozilla - Llamafile 0.8.7 - 5 Comments

Llamafile has been one of the better new initiatives out of Mozilla in recent years. Llamafile makes it easy to conveniently distribute and run large language models as a single file while supporting both CPU and GPU execution and all-around making AI LLMs much more approachable for end-users. Out today is Llamafile 0.8.7 with more performance optimizations and new features.

Intel P-State Patches Further Tune Linux For Better Scheduling On Hybrid CPUs
Intel P-State Patches Further Tune Linux For Better Scheduling On Hybrid CPUs
10 Hours Ago - Intel - Intel Core Optimizations - 3 Comments

A new set of patches are currently being tested for improving task scheduling and in turn performance for modern Intel Core hybrid processors. With the patch also mentioning systems that are hybrid but without SMT, this looks like it may be some early tuning as well for upcoming Intel Lunar Lake processors that lack Hyper Threading.

Ubuntu 24.10 Now Defaults To Wayland On NVIDIA
Ubuntu 24.10 Now Defaults To Wayland On NVIDIA
13 Hours Ago - Ubuntu - NVIDIA On Wayland - 82 Comments

With Ubuntu 24.10 due for release in October one of the expressed planned changes has been NVIDIA defaulting to using Wayland rather than X11 for the default desktop session. As of this past week the change is now in place for Ubuntu 24.10 daily users that will find Wayland-by-default when using the official NVIDIA Linux graphics driver.

23 June

Amazon Exploring MM-Local Memory Allocations To Help With Current/Future Speculation Attacks
Amazon Exploring MM-Local Memory Allocations To Help With Current/Future Speculation Attacks
23 June 09:42 AM EDT - Linux Security - MM-Local Memory Allocations - 3 Comments

Back in 2019 after various speculation-based CPU vulnerabilities began coming to light, Amazon engineers proposed process-local memory allocations for hiding KVM secrets. They were striving for an alternative mitigation for vulnerabilities like L1TF by essentially providing some memory regions for kernel allocations out of view/access from other kernel code. Amazon engineers this week laid out a new proposal after five years of ongoing Linux kernel improvements for MM-local memory allocations for dealing with current and future speculation-based cross-process attacks.

22 June

21 June

Linux Can Have A "Black Screen Of Death" For Kernel Panics
Linux Can Have A "Black Screen Of Death" For Kernel Panics
21 June 10:55 AM EDT - Linux Kernel - Black Screen of Death - 43 Comments

With some Linux users not liking the recently showcased new Linux "Blue Screen of Death" for kernel panics, Red Hat engineer Javier Martinez Canillas who has been one of those involved in the new DRM Panic infrastructure showed that it can also be a "black screen of death" if so desired.

Intel Lunar Lake Workload Hints & Power Floor Patches Posted For Linux
Intel Lunar Lake Workload Hints & Power Floor Patches Posted For Linux
21 June 07:02 AM EDT - Intel - Intel Lunar Lake - Add A Comment

Intel software engineers have been upstreaming the Lunar Lake support for Linux a number of months already and the basics appear in good shape, aside from the Xe2 graphics enablement being an ongoing matter. Much of the rest of the core functionality has appeared to be in good shape ahead of Lunar Lake laptops launching in Q3, but it seems there have been a few missing power management related bits.

20 June

Qualcomm Cloud AI 100 "AIC100" Firmware Upstreamed
20 June 03:57 PM EDT - Hardware - Qualcomm AIC100 - 1 Comment

While not talked about as much as the likes of the Intel Gaudi accelerators with their upstream Habana Labs kernel driver or the AMD Instinct MI300 series with their open-source upstream support too, back in 2022 Qualcomm did post an open-source kernel driver for their Cloud AI accelerator. That was followed by an open-source compiler and user-space stack and in turn the QAIC driver was upstreamed into the accelerator (accel) subsystem last year with Linux 6.4.

Intel Linux NPU Driver v1.5 Released - Now Validated On Arrow Lake & Lunar Lake
20 June 01:15 PM EDT - Intel - Intel Linux NPU Driver 1.5 - 3 Comments

Intel on Wednesday released version 1.5 of their Linux NPU driver, their user-space driver component for Linux systems in enabling the neural processing unit found with Core Ultra "Meteor Lake" processors and newer. This goes along with their upstream IVPU kernel accelerator driver for allowing a full open-source solution for AI workloads with the likes of OpenVINO.

Raspberry Pi 5 Kernel Graphics Driver Support Will Hopefully Be Upstreamed Soon
20 June 12:36 PM EDT - Raspberry Pi - Raspberry Pi 5 Kernel Driver - 16 Comments

While the Raspberry Pi 5 debuted last September, the mainline Linux kernel support for this popular single board computer continues to lag behind the state of Raspberry Pi's downstream kernel. SUSE has been working to upstream various Raspberry Pi 5 driver support while now Raspberry Pi engineers have also begun the trek toward upstreaming their kernel graphics driver support.

Intel Introduces New Gaudi "2D" Product Support To Their Linux Driver
20 June 06:30 AM EDT - Intel - Gaudi2-D - 1 Comment

It was just a few months back that Intel introduced a Gaudi "2C" variant of Gaudi2 to their open-source Linux driver. This variant might be for some export model or otherwise a hyperscaler/customer-specific revision or something along those lines. Now appearing within new Habana Labs driver patches for the upcoming Linux 6.11 kernel are patches for a new Gaudi 2D variant.

19 June

Radeon Software For Linux 24.10.3 With ROCm 6.1.3
19 June 04:23 PM EDT - Radeon - Radeon Software For Linux 24.10.3 - 24 Comments

As written about this morning, AMD announced ROCm 6.1.3 with multi-GPU support, beta support for Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL2), Radeon PRO W7900 Dual Slot compatibility, and TensorFlow framework qualification support. The upstream ROCm code on GitHub as of writing continues pointing only to the prior ROCm 6.1.2 software but there is now a Radeon Software for Linux packaged driver offering up ROCm 6.1.3.

Linux 6.11 To Enable Intel Battlemage GPU Display Support
19 June 02:09 PM EDT - Intel - Intel Battlemage - Add A Comment

Building off the Xe2 foundation in place for the Lunar Lake integrated graphics, more recently Intel's open-source Linux graphics driver engineers have begun pushing out code focused on enabling the Xe2-based Battlemage discrete GPUs as the successor to the DG2/Alchemist hardware. That enablement work remains ongoing and with the upcoming Linux 6.11 kernel cycle the important fundamental milestone is being crossed of actually being able to drive a connected display/monitor by a Battlemage GPU.

Linux Patches Posted For Intel Lunar Lake DLVR Support
19 June 12:13 PM EDT - Intel - Digital Linear Voltage Regulator - Add A Comment

While it looked like all of the Intel Lunar Lake support was wrapped up with the first of these next-gen Core Ultra laptops set to debut next quarter and the Panther Lake bring-up for Linux has begun, it looks like there may be some stragglers still around Lunar Lake. Sent out today was the patch series enabling DLVR (Digital Linear Voltage Regulator) support for these upcoming mobile SoCs.

Updated DRM Rust Abstractions For Linux As Part Of Bringing Up The Nova Driver
19 June 08:48 AM EDT - Linux Kernel - DRM Rust Abstractions v2 - Add A Comment

Sent out last month were the very preliminary Rust-written Nova GPU kernel driver patches for this in-development Direct Rendering Manager driver for open-source NVIDIA GPU support for RTX 20 / Turing GPUs and newer by leveraging the NVIDIA GPU System Processor (GSP). Sent out this week is the second iteration of the stubbed Nova kernel driver and the associated Rust language DRM subsystem abstractions.

Systemd 256.1 Fixes "systemd-tmpfiles" Unexpectedly Deleting Your /home Directory
19 June 06:03 AM EDT - systemd - systemd-tmpfiles --purge - 135 Comments

For those running the command "systemd-tmpfiles --purge" and think that this command just deletes your temporary files, think again and watch out. In reality it will delete all files and directories created by a tmpfiles.d entry... Including the /home that is created by systemd-tmpfiles' home.conf. With users being bitten in recent days by this behavior when they were just expecting tmp files to be removed, systemd 256.1 is now available and does have a change to avoid inadvertently deleting your all-important home directory.

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