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Canonical's Snap Store Hit By Malicious Apps
Canonical's Snap Store Hit By Malicious Apps
30 September 12:35 PM EDT - Ubuntu - Bad Apps - 42 Comments

Stemming from reports of several fake crypto apps appearing in Canonical's Snap Store that aimed to steal user funds, temporary restrictions have been put in place while Canonical investigates the security matter.

29 September

AMD FSR 3 Now Available - Open-Source Code To Come Soon
AMD FSR 3 Now Available - Open-Source Code To Come Soon
29 September 09:52 AM EDT - Radeon - FidelityFX Super Resolution 3 - 16 Comments

AMD announced today that the Windows games Immortals of Aveum and Forspoken are available today with their FidelityFX Super Resolution 3 (FSR 3) upscaling technology. More games making use of FSR 3 are on the way and the open-source code drop of FSR 3 is coming at a later date.

28 September

Mesa 23.2 Stable Released For Improved Open-Source Vulkan & OpenGL Drivers
Mesa 23.2 Stable Released For Improved Open-Source Vulkan & OpenGL Drivers
28 September 08:08 PM EDT - Mesa - Mesa 23.2.1 - 5 Comments

After being delayed by many weeks, Mesa 23.2 has been released as the quarterly feature release for this collection of open-source OpenGL and Vulkan drivers used by AMD Radeon, Intel graphics, Apple Silicon, Qualcomm Adreno (Freedreno), Nouveau (open-source NVIDIA), Broadcom / Raspberry Pi, Arm Mali and other hardware.

Raspberry Pi 5 Benchmarks: Significantly Better Performance, Improved I/O
Raspberry Pi 5 Benchmarks: Significantly Better Performance, Improved I/O
28 September 02:00 AM EDT - Computers - 129 Comments

After a difficult few years of global supply chain woes leading to limited available and heightened retail pricing on the Raspberry Pi single board computers, today there is finally an update to the family. Four years after the Raspberry Pi 4 shipped, today the Raspberry Pi 5 is launching with a much improved SoC leading to significant performance gains. Additional improvements with the Raspberry Pi 5 make this a very nice generational upgrade.

27 September

CodeWeavers Releases CrossOver 23.5 With A Focus On Boosting macOS Gaming
27 September 10:20 AM EDT - WINE - CrossOver 23.5 - 15 Comments

CodeWeavers -- in addition to contributing significantly to upstream Wine and being involved with Valve on Proton for Steam Play -- continues to offer CrossOver as a premium Wine-based software solution for enjoying Windows games and applications like Microsoft Office and Adobe products on Linux, macOS, and Chrome OS. Out today is CrossOver 23.5 as the latest evolution of this Wine-based commercial software.

26 September

TuxClocker 1.0 Released As An Alternative Way Of NVIDIA GPU Overclocking On Linux
26 September 08:01 PM EDT - Hardware - TuxClocker 1.0 - 10 Comments

TuxClocker has been in development for several years as another open-source GPU overclocking GUI for Linux. TuxClocker initially provided a Qt5-based user interface for GPU overclocking and ultimately established a D-Bus API as well with the new release. TuxClocker 1.0 was finally released today as the latest update to this Linux GPU overclocking software.

Limited Support For The AMD Pensando Elba SoC Might Finally Land Upstream In Linux 6.7
26 September 11:33 AM EDT - AMD - AMD Pensando Elba - 10 Comments

For a year and a half now Pensando has been working on enabling their Elba SoC support for the mainline Linux kernel - a process that coincidentally began just days after AMD announced it was acquiring Pensando. Over the past 18 months the AMD-Pensando Elba SoC enablement work has now been through 16 rounds of code review but still isn't over the finish line yet but some of the initial enablement code might finally land with Linux 6.7.

Intel Has Another Series Optimizing Linux Performance With PCP High Auto-Tuning
26 September 08:10 AM EDT - Intel - PCP High Auto-Tuning - 1 Comment

Intel's open-source software engineers are known for many great performance optimizations to the Linux kernel. Over the years Intel has contributed countless performance optimizations to the kernel and related Linux components that have made significant improvements not only for Intel hardware but x86_64 as a whole and at times CPU architecture independent improvements. One of their newest performance optimizing patch series is around Per-CPU Pageset (PCP) high auto-tuning.

Intel's Habana Labs Driver Quietly Drops References To The Greco AI Processor
26 September 06:40 AM EDT - Intel - No More Greco? - 2 Comments

Announced last year at the Intel Vision conference was the Habana Labs Gaudi2 and Greco AI hardware. Since then we've seen a lot of Linux kernel driver work happen for enabling the Gaudi2 second-generation training and inference AI processor while there hasn't been anything real in the way for Greco, which was the successor to the Goya AI processor. Now references to Habana Labs Greco are being removed from the driver.

OCRmyPDF 15.0 Released For Optical Character Recognition Of PDF Files
26 September 05:52 AM EDT - Free Software - OCRmyPDF - 2 Comments

A major update to OCRmyPDF is now available, the open-source project that can work on scanned PDFs and other PDF documents to add an optical character recognition (OCR) text layer to files for allowing them to be searched or copy-pasted. OCRmyPDF makes it a breeze in dealing with scanned PDF text files and now with OCRmyPDF v15 is even better.

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