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The Current Intel Arc Graphics Linux Gaming Performance On Linux 6.2 + Mesa 23.1-dev
The Current Intel Arc Graphics Linux Gaming Performance On Linux 6.2 + Mesa 23.1-dev
20 March 01:00 PM EDT - Linux Gaming - 13 Comments

Last week I shared my findings over the great state of Intel's open-source compute stack for Arc Graphics now that the DG2/Alchemist support was promoted to stable in Linux 6.2 and the Compute-Runtime user-space stack for OpenCL and Level Zero is back to seeing regular updates with that code having matured particularly well. Here is a brief look at the current state of the Linux gaming performance for Arc Graphics on Linux 6.2 and making use of the latest Mesa 23.1-devel OpenGL and Vulkan drivers.

19 March

Serpent OS Build Infrastructure Launched
Serpent OS Build Infrastructure Launched
19 March 09:20 AM EDT - Operating Systems - Serpent OS Build Infrastructure - 11 Comments

Serpent OS as the new Linux distribution project by Solus Linux founder Ikey Doherty has made public its build infrastructure as it begins building more packages and opening up packaging work to outside contributors.

18 March

AMD P-State Guided Autonomous Mode Coming For Linux 6.4
AMD P-State Guided Autonomous Mode Coming For Linux 6.4
18 March 01:00 PM EDT - AMD - AMD Guided Autonomous Mode - 14 Comments

While Linux 6.3 adds AMD P-State EPP as the "Energy Performance Preference" mode for enhancing the power/performance on recent Ryzen and EPYC systems on Linux, with Linux 6.4 the P-State Guided Autonomous Mode is coming to round out AMD's current CPU frequency scaling driver efforts.

LLVM 16.0 Released With New Intel/AMD CPU Support, More C++20 / C2X Features
LLVM 16.0 Released With New Intel/AMD CPU Support, More C++20 / C2X Features
18 March 06:24 AM EDT - LLVM - LLVM 16.0 + Clang 16.0 - 13 Comments

LLVM 16 was released on Friday night as the latest half-year feature release to this open-source compiler stack. From initial AMD Zen 4 support to bringing up new Intel CPU instruction sets and processor targets for their new processors being introduced through 2024, there is a lot of exciting hardware additions in LLVM 16.0. LLVM 16.0 is also notable for faster LLD linking, Zstd compressed debug sections, stabilizing of its LoongArch target, defaulting to C++17 for Clang, and much more. Here's a look at all the exciting changes of LLVM 16.

KDE Delivers More Wayland Fixes & Plasma 6.0 Changes This Week
KDE Delivers More Wayland Fixes & Plasma 6.0 Changes This Week
18 March 05:53 AM EDT - KDE - KDE Wayland Fixes!! - 24 Comments

KDE developer Nate Graham is out with his usual weekly development summary that highlights all of the interesting desktop changes made over the course of the past seven days. This week he particularly calls out more Wayland fixes -- a common occurrence in the KDE camp.

17 March

Intel Prepares More Graphics Driver Code For Linux 6.4
17 March 06:43 AM EDT - Intel - drm-intel-gt-next - Add A Comment

Last week following the Linux 6.3-rc1 release Intel engineers already began sending new Intel i915 driver feature code to DRM-Next for queuing until the Linux 6.4 merge window in early May. This week another batch of "drm-intel-gt-next" material was submitted.

16 March

The First Bits Of Wine's Wayland Driver Were Merged
16 March 04:50 PM EDT - WINE - Wine Wayland - Part One - 43 Comments

The first code has landed into Wine Git as part of the multi-year effort creating a Wayland driver for Wine so that the Windows games/applications running via Wine can enjoy native Wayland support. This isn't yet usable for end-users/gamers but is the early implementation with more parts to follow.

Linux Kernel Networking Driver Development Impacted By Russian Sanctions
16 March 09:00 AM EDT - Linux Kernel - Your Contributions Not Welcome - 276 Comments

The US and western government sanctions around the Russian government and its defense industry/companies due to their war in Ukraine has caused interesting issues in the open-source world. A few days after ipmitool was archived/suspended on GitHub that turned out to be due to the current maintainer's affiliation with a Russian tech company, separately there is now a blocking of Linux kernel contributions from selected Russian developers.

NVIDIA Improving wlroots For Better Dual-GPU Gaming Performance
16 March 06:51 AM EDT - Wayland - Direct Scanout From Secondary GPUs - 12 Comments

A NVIDIA engineer has opened up a merge request to improve the wlroots Wayland library so compositors based on it can enjoy better gaming performance for dual-GPU systems, namely around laptops sporting a discrete NVIDIA GPU but can help other GPU hardware/drivers too.

Qualcomm Publishes Open-Source Compiler & User-Space For Their Cloud AI Accelerator
16 March 06:19 AM EDT - Hardware - Open-Source QAIC User-Space - 4 Comments

Last month Qualcomm published updated patches for their Cloud AI 100 kernel driver to support this inference accelerator. The Qualcomm engineers said at the time that their user-space driver and associated compiler would be published shortly. That panned out and the user-space portion of this open-source AI inference stack was recently published.

Qt 6.4.3 Released With 300+ Fixes
16 March 05:59 AM EDT - Qt - Qt 6.4.3 - 6 Comments

Qt 6.4.3 is out today as the newest point release to this current stable series of the Qt6 tool-kit. This release is another big one with 300+ fixes in tow.

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